It’s called “Virtual CD Manager. Once the updater is finished, click Exit. Click Continue to disable the VCD. Not on all versions, apparently. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Then after VCD worked, the My Book was still read only, so I used the smartware which was still installed to erase everything already on the drive, and then it finally worked like an external hard drive is supposed to and was read and writable and then I deleted the smartware software I had installed on my computer You have to copy it to your hard drive to run it otherwise, it gives you an error message saying as much , and once you’ve done that, you just run it and follow the prompts.

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The USB controller is integrated on the drive. Verify the vittual drive’s serial number located on the back of the drive. I had to install their crapware to disable it. Haase Jan 23 ’12 at Before running the Virtual CD Manager, you must first update the firmware on your hard drive. Verify that the VCD no longer appears. Once the updater is finished, click Exit.


Included on the “VCD” is the software required to enable and disable it. Successfully updated firmware tonight, and everything looks good so far. In this answer, I’m just pointing out that a version of it though presumably it may not be the latest version, and therefore you may want to download it exists on the devoce CD” already, which you can copy and run.

That was the first thing I tried.

WD My Book Essentials will not connect

Gparted is a great utility, but it will not delete the VCD partition. This doesn’t answer the question at all. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

The updater will scan the drive which may take a few minutes. Then I booted that system up to an Xp install CD and then when given the option from the CD as to what hard-drive I wanted to install wv I chose the MyBook and deleted the partition cc then formatted it using the Install cd.

I suppose I could redo it manually to make certain. Last WD drive I ever buy. Now I have wdd clean MyBook with nothing on it at all, just like the darn thing is supposed to be. Much better to not have the annoying software launching, but does anyone know of good instructions to eliminate the partition? Once tha formatting was done, I then canceled the CD boot and restarted my system.

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I know the password but I can’t figure out how to remove it.

Two solutions to actually get rid of the VDC not just hide it: Once the utility has found your drive, click Configure Drive and then click Exit. This software is the same software that you can download as mentioned in other answers Vritual does this have 32 upvotes? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Did this actually remove the hidden partition?

There were two steps that actually seem to have done something. Not on all versions, apparently. I am now able to access all of the gb capacity and do what I want with it.

WD My Book Essentials will not connect – Microsoft Community

Virhual time you go through the process, it will alternate between being visible and being hidden. Note to others who might be thinking about trying this: Thank you for your interest in this question.

The Mac version seems to be wdc.

Disk Utility only shows one partition.