I am very happy with it and every day I use it, I like it best. If you’re thinking of adding to your lens collection, these guides may be just what you’re looking for. The first three were a bit subtle for my taste, but I had a lot of fun with Drawing. Regardless, this is a well-specified lens that shows promise. This lens has an amazing mm range equivalent in 35mm.

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In other words, you get zoom but no audio or you get audio but no zoom. Compatible with battery models Sp-80uz Olympus maintains a list of cards that have been tested and are known to be compatible with its digital cameras. But running around with it for a couple of weeks, I often wondered if the SPUZ could earn Olympus its own branch on the evolutionary tree.

Add in color shifting from noise and noise suppression and the results sp-800u, again, really only suitable for use at small sizes, if at all.

Olympus SPUZ review: Olympus SPUZ – CNET

It is advisable to shoot test shots to find the correct fluorescent preset for the shooting environment before doing available light photography under fluorescent light. More times than not, when I ps-800uz the camera off, put the cap back on and put it into my holster or fanny back, I was surprised to retrieve it with the power on.

There aren’t a lot of items to adjust, though.

It actually moves from the right side out into the screen, which I found disconcerting. To load the LIB battery into the camera, do the following: The camera is small and light, reasonably quick to focus and takes fabulous pictures After two weeks of ownership and plus pictures, It appears to be very well designed and has more optical settings than I will ever need. A stainless steel tank, in fact, although Olympus might prefer you think of it as the DeLorean of Ultrazooms even if DeLoreans weren’t long for this world.


Descriptions and applications of the metering modes are detailed below: Extinction of the pattern occurred at 2, to 2, lines per picture height.

Olympus SPUZ Review | Photography Blog

I had to wait a week for the fog to burn back behind Twin Peaks, but when it did, I sp-800kz see for miles. GE PowerFlex 3D. I am a Mac user. Be the first to write one! If you don’t think you’ll print larger than 5×7 at most focal lengths, and you don’t crop much, you’ll never notice.

One look at the Olympus SPUZ and you know you’ve never seen this species before — and yet it seems so familiar. Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera. These presets are valuable when photographing in business and office environments.

That there’s no Mode dial either is troublesome, too. Enter new zip code to sp-800uzz estimated delivery time. Take beautiful portraits, by softening shadows and smoothing wrinkles and blemishes on your subject’s face with the Beauty Mode feature.

We test them and picture their current condition. Be the first to review this item.


At full digital zoom mm times 5 you’re sp-80uz at a part of the roof of the Bank of America building that it will take you a few blinks to find in the 28mm shot. It just gave up.

Olympus SP-800UZ & SP-600UZ with 30x & 15x zoom lenses

While it is possible to always shoot at the higher-quality settings and then process the images to lower file sizes later using a computer, it may be more convenient in some situations to shoot at other than the higher-quality settings. It does have a metal shell and the heft that goes with it along with a 30x optical zoom.

Very high ISOs, such as orwould sp-800u used when light levels are very low, such as in dimly lit rooms or outdoors at night.

For one thing, daylight can be warm or cold. No JPEG shooting speed in burst mode fps, max resolution: It may have a massive 30x zoom, but basic controls and poor results at telephoto zoom settings mean the SPUZ is one to avoid.

The UZ has mechanical image stabilization, but it didn’t seem all that effective and keeping such a long lens still without the benefit of an sp8-00uz viewfinder is frustrating. Press [ OK ] again.