Palm T X Even so it’s a cool new device for the gadget fanatic who wants to do a bit of everything on a regular basis, whether play a movie, game, or music, pull up photos, do some tolerable Web surfing, view or work on the occasional Office document, or look up an address. How many soft resets are that per day? I found the side buttons to be rather mushy and not suited to comfortable use. One the desktop side of things, palmOne includes their Quick Install program for Windows. The advantage here is price:

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Otherwise, the stylus palmoe a well-built stainless steel barrel, and has a catch residing in the silo to keep it snapped in place when not in use. As indicated previously, carefully using a “hack” may enable SDHC. If you have to wait five seconds for Docs or a media player, it’s because the hard drive needs to be accessed.

No waiting 30 min change to “LifeDrive format”. It is loaded with features and has massive amounts of storage to spare making it an exceptional portable media solution lifeddrive a huge base of applications to choose from.

It runs nearly silent, producing only the barest of audible whirring and ticking noises when active. It also lets you drag and drop files from your PC, but additionally gives you the option to sync, format for the device or just copy to the LifeDrive.

PalmOne LifeDrive Review

Extra goodies packaged with the PalmOne LifeDrive are kept to a minimum. The battery life issues is real, and its the Dell’s great weakness.


On minimal settings, the Axim will run for 8. You will need to reset only if some kind of bad application will hang, and not each time you use your PDA for more than hour lifedruve is Windows memory issue on desctops or Lifedive. Keep your work files, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, together with your personal entertainment on the hard drive of this compact mobile device, and switch effortlessly between them.

palmOne LifeDrive Review

Wish the lifedrivf still supported it though. This works well with either a bluetooth keyboard intended for this and other Palms, or the IR keyboard offered by Palm.

The Bad Expensive; battery not user-replaceable; Web pages slow to load; battery life and audio quality not up to par with today’s MP3 players; sluggish; slightly heavy. However, if PalmOne wanted to, they could have just as easily lisenced BT 1.

Stay connected to the Internet wherever you are via the Bluetooth 1. Palmnoe Login or register here to add your comments.

Of course you don’t have to convert, but high bit rate video will need to be converted to play on the LifeDrive. Plus, colors jump, as it display 65, hues.


LifeDrive – Wikipedia

Also, the Axim’s battery is replacable, and you palmine get a high-capacity mAh battery for it. Anyone plunking down that kind of money is buying it either as a Palm enthusiets or as a MP3 device with PakmOS on it.

This triggers a spring-mechanism in the stylus, popping up the end to allow for removal. All the controls are easy to manipulate, but you have to firmly press the OK key square in the middle; otherwise, it acts like one of the directional keys. Windows Mobile instability is as mythical as PalmOS’s supposed reliability. Comes in handy at lunch spots with ;almone access and also can use it as a paomone and watch short movies. Noticibly lacking in the pre-loaded and bundled software, on what is supposed to be a model with a multimedia bent, is a serious video player.


And the biggest deal killers are the price, RAM, and camera. HDD spin, as I’ve seen on Life Drive is almost same delay as in windows, when you run any application for the first time after reset. Frankly, it was ahead of its time and liferdive the user with a mini-laptop that is compatible with Apple and those “other guys.

I really wish people would stop peddling this old myth. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world.

Anytime I switched to another application or the device read from the hard drive would cause the music being played from the HDD to be interrupted by short, yet annoying, pauses and clicks. The setup wizard contains all the familiar choices for setting up a connection to a phone for dialing or internet, a connection to a PC for HotSync or file transfer, or a LAN for network access.

Still, it won’t take up too much room in your bag; plus, it feels solid in your hands and has a stylish silver casing to boot.