Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Samsung Digimax L Samsung Digimax L50 – digital camera In addition, it provides a substantially faster transfer rate with USB 2. Most regular compact digital cameras have a 3Xoptical zoom, the Digimax L55W has a 4. Let your eyes be the ultimate judge! This is the tendency for the lens to bend straight lines outward like a barrel–usually at wide angle or inward like a pincushion–usually at telephoto. More items related to this product.

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Cycle time shot to shot. You may also like. Dec 27, Our laboratory resolution chart revealed sharp, distinct line patterns down to about 1, lines per picture height, with extinction at around 1, Inside, the battery and memory card slots line up l0, making the most of digimas small space. Overall a very nice and affordable camera. Then it leaves that image on the screen, while prompting you for the next shot, turning that pane of the layout into the active view so you can line the two shots up.

In particular, Text Recognition is a feature that allows you to shoot documents such as books, papers and magazines and then extract text from the image taken using the”Digimax Reader” text recognition software included in the box.

With its booting and shot-to-shot time reduced to 1 second respectively, it also offers continuous shooting at 2. From taking close-up pictures to pictures of landscape, you can conveniently take all pictures through this zoom regardless of the place. The Digimax L55W has various scene modes to help you obtain the best picture results in a variety of settings. The flash doesn’t throttle down well and doesn’t evenly illuminate the field.


How can I use my Samsung camera’s flash on every photo I take?

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But it also offers Red, Green, and Blue modes, which are a bit more subtle than they sound, more like using different White Balance modes. Digmiax a faster response time, the Digimax L55W means you have more chance catching those spontaneous moments.

The familiar Auto mode is joined by the less common but even more useful Program mode that offers more Effects than Auto does.

Newest Newest Most Views. With five megapixels, there’s plenty of resolution to get great prints up to 11x Simon Joinson was DPReview’s second general manager, during a time when the site underwent enormous changes, not least our relocation to the U. Gear of the Digmiax – Richard’s Choice: Most digital cameras will fail miserably when dibimax with a moving subject in dim lighting. See the Samsung i review for details on that model.

Samsung Digimax L50 – digital camera Series

The tripod mount is just off center but too close digimaz the hinged door to leave the camera mounted when you have to access the compartment. Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera. The Digimax L55W can even record more than 1 hour of high quality if you are using a MB memory card.


If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. A small chrome bar serves as a finger grip, but you’ll want to keep that wrist strap securely in place whenever the camera is in-hand. B2B Support Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. But since nobody reads this page I think it doesn’t matter.

Samsung Digimax L55W and L Digital Photography Review

Strong detail to 1, lines horizontal Strong detail to 1, lines vertical See full set of test images with explanations See thumbnails of all test and gallery images. In this interview, Simon looks back at his time at the helm. Many cameras today include built-in image stabilization difimax, but when it comes to video that’s still no substitute for a proper camera stabilization rig.

Depth of field refers to the portion of a scene that appears sharp in the image. Downloading to your computer – You can also download the user manual Samsung L550 L50 to your computer and keep it in your files. Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages. Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2.